1001 nok – Skopje

1001 nok is like the name implies an Arabic restaurant. There are however no Arab mysteries to the food being served here, it’s a nice cozy place that you easily can spend 1001 nights in if you’re into Arab food. If you like authentic Arab food, then 1001 nok is the place in Skopje to visit.

Food & Drinks

The menu contains all the items that you would except from an Arabic restaurant. The assortment is well sized, and the prices allows for any budget to get tasty, delicious food and to depart the restaurant with a full and satisfied stomach, wallet and a great mood. We’ve tried most of the things on the menu and the dishes are well prepared with ingredients of high quality.

1001 nok salad


Entering either the indoor part or the outdoor part of the restaurant give you the feeling of stepping right into the middle east. During Skopje’s warm and hot summer days you could easily image being somewhere in the middle east, except for hearing the language spoken around you. It’s a nice cosy atmosphere with a nice ambient touch. This is a summer place, since the indoor restaurant is quiet small.


The staff is friendly and polite, but could be a just tad more attentive. You don’t need to bring along you’re Macedonian phrase book, because they speak and understand english on a decent level. The service is normally fast and efficient and you don’t need to wait for longer periods for the food.


1001 nok is located on the second floor of the GTC shopping mall, on google maps it’s called Aladin, which is the previous name of the same restaurant. The atmosphere and feeling it really nice even though the restaurant is a bit awkwardly situated, it’s not on the walking streets so it’s not super easy or obvious to find. It’s even so, the Middle Eastern pearl of Skopje.

Food & Drinks 85%
Atmosphere 90%
Staff 70%
Location 75%
Value for money 80%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 80%
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