Baba Cana – Skopje

Food & Drinks 85%
Atmosphere 90%
Staff 85%
Location 80%
Value For Money 85%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 85%
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Baba Cana is not the normal type of restaurant. It all started in Kumanovo, where restaurant Baba Cana have been making a name for itself since 2010. Now it’s time for Skopje to get a taste of Kumanovo. The restaurant is located above the Skopje General hospital towards Vodno. It’s located in a residential building, so entering the restaurant feels more like entering someones home.

Food & Drinks

Baba Cana Menu

The menu has a excellent selection of salads, starters, meat and drinks. We would especially recommend Baba Cana Salad and the cold cuts that are available. The prices are very reasonable considering the sizes of the portions and there are prices that fit all budgets. We have to mention that the quality of the food with well above average for Skopje. The ingredients that are used are very fresh and with high quality. This is why we would highly recommend to visist Baba Cana.


This is probably the most interesting place we’ve been to in Skopje. Since it’s a normal residential house made restaurant you have many different rooms and a veranda where you can sit outside. The only thing we dislike is the sometimes very loud live music, that completely takes over and you have to scream across the table to make yourself heard. If you don’t like loud music we recommend to visit this restaurant during the day or during non-peak hours.


The staff is friendly, polite and attentive. They speak good english and are also very good on picking dishes that are fresh for the day. The only problem is that the restaurant during weekends are completely booked out, so getting that table during the weekend is going to be a tough cookie unless you make a reservation.


The odd, but really cool location if really off from the city center and it’s not the easiest place to find. We recommend to take a taxi to this restaurant, since parking in this area is really scarce.