Bella Vista – Skopje

Restaurant review

Food & Drinks 35%
Atmosphere 70%
Staff 85%
Location 90%
Value For Money 30%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 62%
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Bella Vista

This restaurant is closely connected to the shopping mall GTC, it’s located on the river promenade just outside. From outside this looks like a very nice place. Also, we’ve seen a lot of diplomatic people here, we thought would mean a high quality.

Food & Drinks

The menu consist of a wide variety and the prices range from affordable to expensive. We of course tried some of the more expensive courses, but except for the desert it was all disappointment. The quality of the steak was horrible. The request for medium rare ended up in well done / medium. There was a weird bi-taste of pork. The salmon steak was almost black. Needless to say we were less then impressed. The only thing that “saved” our dinner was the desert. The deserts were all looking very delicious and tasted as such.  The overall impression of the food was extremely poor.


The restaurant has a certain Scandinavian look and feel. But unfortunately it all ends up in feeling like a lunch restaurant. Something that can serve a lot of people, but with a poor quality. The outside is probably nicer and will be really neat during the summer. I would go here for breakfast or something sweet, but not for lunch or dinner.


At restaurant Bella Vista there are only two things that really stand out. One of them being staff. The staff here are attentive and careful. They check several times whether you as a customer are happy or not and try to rectify all issues. However, due to the incompetence in the kitchen, there is only “so much” the staff can do.


Bella Vista is located on the river promenade close to Gradski Trgovski Centar. This is very central and nice located with a close distance to the main square and definately a place where a lot of tourists pass by.