Bonimi Lounge Bar – Skopje

Restaurant ratings

Food & Drinks 75%
Atmosphere 75%
Staff 80%
Location 40%
Value for money 70%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 68%
Readers Rating
2 votes

Bonimi Lounge Bar is the “backpocket” restaurant of the big Bonimi restaurant. It is a small Italian / Macedonian restaurant that is much bigger on the inside that it seems at a first glance. Bonimi consists of three areas. The outside area which during winter is possible to sit in, but is generally where the smokers are. The inside area and downstairs in the basement. The outside area is really nice to sit in during the summer. It is a small oasis in a otherwise concrete jungle. The prices are very decent, so you get very good value for your money.

Food & Drinks

Bonimi’s menu is a mix between traditional Italian food such as Pasta and Pizza and Macedonian food. Both the pasta and pizza dishes are well made and is our recommendation. Also if you’re out early they also serve breakfast such as bacon and eggs (which is also possible to get for lunch or later). The caesarsallad is also very good.


As previously mentioned, during summer it is very nice to sit outside, especially during the evenings when it is not extremely hot. Otherwise we recommend the basement, that oddly enough feels cosy.


The staff is friendly and tries their¬†best to accommodate the needs of their guests. The are in general attentive, so it’s quick to order something more or to get the bill quick. Also if you would like to make a special order on the menu that are willing to try to make sure that you get what you want.


Bonimi is located in Avtokomanda which is very far from the central parts of Skopje. But if you’re in the area, then it is a nice place for a breakfast, lunch, quick coffee or dinner.

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