Capitol Mall – Skopje

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Shops 85%
Parking 50%
Restaurants 80%
Activities 90%
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Overall Score 76%
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Capitol Mall

is the newest member among the shopping malls in Skopje. Capitol mall consists of both a shopping centre part and a residential area. With its 33’500 square metres (including residential areas) it’s being seriously dwarfed by Skopje City Mall that with its 86’000 square meters would fit Capitol in just one of it’s 4 wings.

However, even though only being a third of Skopje City Mall, Capitol manages to flex it’s muscles alright. It is probably not a mall you would spend your whole day in, but for a quick shopping fix it is more then alright. You have four floors with the regular variety of shops. The mall is very much targeted for the residential part. Meaning fitness center, large grocery shop, pharmacy and home decoration. There is also a food court that is currently being expanded. There might not be a little of everything for everyone right now, but there are more restaurants being added.

Capitil mall sports free parking, even though it’s not the most accessible from the main boulevard.


Capitol Mall is a good shopping mall and something you should visit if you’re in the aerodrome area. It is still a bit young and all the shops hasn’t yet opened. In this writing moment there are 46 shops open out of 62 areas that is going to be available. The location of Capitol Mall is pretty much the same as Skopje City mall.