Cineplexx – Skopje

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Picture & Audio 90%
Chairs 80%
Cinema size 80%
Cinema program 90%
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Overall Score 85%
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The big screen

Cineplexx in Skopje is of the biggest cinemas in Macedonia. Cineplexx consist of 9 cinema halls with several supporting 3D capabilities. The movie program is very up to date and most of the movies have premiere simultaneously as in U.S or Europe.

To dub or not to dub?

English speaking viewers can safely go. Very few moved are dubbed into Macedonian.  Most of the movies are with English as original language so it’s just to buy tickets. Movies in other original languages are subtitled (English movies as wel) so if you know the original language you won’t have any problems. Movies aimed for children or younger audiences are often dubbed into Macedonian.  If you’re into watching pixar or Disney movies, then you have to bring your language lexicon.

So far we haven’t seen them offer children’s movies in both original language and dubbed. This is often the case in larger countries. Since many of the children’s movies are as enjoyable as adult. It’s probably because of the smaller market that this is not offered.

Spending spree?

Watching movies in Macedonia is considerable cheap to many other countries. If you are a movie buff and is going to spend some time in Skopje,  then Cineplexx is a very good option. During some days a week they have a reduced price, if you don’t need to watch movies during the weekend. If you are a student then you get discount during a couple of days. For adults there is only discounted prices during 1 day a week.

Make sure to make reservations in time, so you get good tickets. The website is only available in Macedonian, but google translate normally saves the day and make it easy to book tickets without the hassle of looking up word by word in a lexicon.