Skopje City Mall – Skopje

Shops 90%
Parking 70%
Restaurants 80%
Activities 85%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 81%
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The new standard

Skopje City Mall is setting a new standard for shopping in Skopje. It opened in 2013 and is THE biggest shopping centre in Macedonia. With it’s 86’000 square meters it also THE place to go for a shopping spree. Skopje City Mall consist of 3 floors that is packed with pretty much everything you would need. Clothing stores, Farmacies, Electronic shops, Apple premium retailer, Toystore, Food court, Carrefour and so on and so forth.

Skopje City Mall sports some of the big name brands and there is a lot of people coming also from the neighbouring countries to shop here as well. It’s easy to spend a couple of hours shopping, having some coffee, doing more shopping, having some snacks/lunch/dinner and end it with a movie at the cinemas or go bowling.

The prices vary a lot and you can find stuff for close to local prices and standard European prices that you would pay pretty much in any shopping centre around Europe.

One things that is really great is that the parking is completely free, so no need to save any tickets or keep track of hours just not to get a hefty parking bill.

The downside.

With so many good things are there any negative sides to this young shopping centre?

Well, we would like to point out two things.

1. Location

Contrary to it’s name Skopje City Mall, it’s actually far away from the Skopje City centre. walking distance from the central main square is at least 35-40 minutes. Not something you would like to do during the summers in 40 degrees celsius. However Taxi is still cheap, so it’s just to jump in and ask to go to Skopje City Mall.

2. Parking

A couple of times the parking has been completely full and the parking guards have been directing cars away from the mall. Finding a parking nearby isn’t super easy. Also expect that people park really bad and sometimes take up 2 spaces and such. Bad parking is however not unique for Skopje City Mall.


Skopje City Mall has something for everyone and we strongly recommend this place to both tourists and locals.