Gradski Trgovski Centar – Skopje

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Shops 50%
Parking 90%
Restaurants 85%
Activities 50%
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Overall Score 68%
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Gradski Trgovski Centar

Being built in the end of 60’s early 70’s it is the oldest shopping mall in Skopje. It as also the most central shopping mall in Skopje, being located just by the main square in Skopje. Gradski Trgovski Centar or as people call it GTC has a lot to offer and stands up pretty well toward both the new Skopje City Mall and Capitol Mall.

Ok, so it does not have all the cool fancy brands and high end stores, but it does offer a lot of local brands and you can find several fashion stores such as mango, united colors of benetton and so on. The whole mall is open air which makes it most suitable to visit during summer. The surrounding areas has a lot of restaurants and cafés. There are a couple of restaurants in the mall, plus GTC is connected to the kej street by the river where there are a lot of restaurants. Also on the main square you have for example Porta Tivoli.

The downside

Well today most of the shopping malls offer free parking. This is not the case for GTC customers. Parking is either on the big parking lot in front of Holiday Inn, or in the parking garage under GTC. The upside though is that it is almost always possible to get a parking spot. Very seldom you will have to queue in order to get a spot.

Also as previously mentioned the assortment in the mall isn’t the best. Some new shops with some high-end brands would lift it up a lot and there isn’t that many activities available either.


Gradski Trgovski Centar is the most central and oldest shopping mall. If you’re passing by the main square of Skopje, then it’s hard to miss and we do recommend to visit this iconic heritage of brutalist concrete architecture.