Gurmet – Skopje

Restaurant ratings

Food & Drinks 80%
Atmosphere 80%
Staff 80%
Location 75%
Value for money 70%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 77%
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Gurmet is a nice classy and cozy place located in the central part of Skopje. It is a mix a Italian, Mediterranean and Macedonian restaurant. Gurmet is also one of the few restaurants in Skopje were you can get your beef served as medium-rare/rare.

Food & Drinks

The menu consists of a wide variety of traditional Macedonian, Mediterranean and Italian dishes such as pizza but our recommendation is to go for the steak. This is one of the few places in Skopje were you can actually get the steak rare or medium rare. They also have a very good assortment of salads and starters, so if you’re not that hungry, then Gurmet is a great place to just get a snack for the road.


Nice and clean place with white linen tablecloths. Fairly romantic for a nice evening out with your girlfriend, for a nice dinner with friends or for a nice business lunch. During the summer it’s also possible to sit outside. The restaurant on the inside is medium, so don’t plan any big events here, unless you aim for a smaller crowd.


The staff is very polite and friendly, they do their best to satisfy your needs and are also perceptive when it comes to your order. Generally you get very good service, but there can be from time to time a little bit of a language misunderstandings. So just double check that they got your order right to avoid any issues.


Located in Debar Malo (where you have several choices of restaurants.) it is located in one of the more central parts of Skopje. Unfortunately the restaurant is located on a street that allow cars, so during summer it can be a bit noisy from the cars, but it all depends on what time of day.