Pelister (Dal met fu) – Skopje

Pelister or as it was previously known, Dal met fu. A restaurant that could easily be a tourist trap considering its location. However, Pelister is far from being a tourist trap and except for the prices, this is a place with high quality and diverse menu. From time to time Pelister features weekly menus with different themes, something we really like.

Food & Drinks

The menu is quiet extensive and features mainly Italian food such as pasta and pizza. However you can also find a lot of different salads, meats and deserts. We recommend the salads, pizza and deserts, which we believe is Pelister’s strength. The menu for drinks also covers a lot and they have fresh juice that we really also really would recommend. Overall the menu fits all different budgets and the choice it great.

Pelister food


Sitting outside during a warm summer evening with friends or alone for that matter is really nice. The music is normally not played on the highest level, which is the norm for a lot of restaurants. This makes it complete possible to have a conversation with friends, or just enjoy the murmuring while watching people. 

Overall we enjoy Pelister both in Winter and Summer, since they have both indoor and outdoor seating.


The staff is friendly and speaks good English. They could be a bit more attentive, but it’s not always easy to see which customers that would need service in both the outdoor and indoor location. This since the restaurant covers a lot of area and a lot of people.


The restaurant is located directly on the main square (Plostad Macedonia). The nearest parking is in the shopping mall GTC. There is no parking or possibility to drive directly to the restaurant since it’s on the main square. We recommend taking a taxi to get as close as possible and then walk there.

Food & Drinks 85%
Atmosphere 80%
Staff 75%
Location 90%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 82%
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