Per te Restaurants

Per te

Food & Drinks 85%
Atmosphere 60%
Staff 60%
Location 70%
Value for money 90%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 73%
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Per te is literally a whole in the wall kind of restaurant that is a bit sneaky located in one of the side streets to once of the busiest pedestrian areas. This place makes us think an Italian version of the fast food chain Subway, that is spread out of the world. However, this inconspicuous fast food joint has surprisingly good food.

Food & Drinks

The menu consists of Sandwiches, Pasta, Toast, Risotto and Salads. It’s a good assortment, with something for everyone. The prices are really great and the quality of the food for that price is just pure awesome. Our favourites so far is the Macaroni with white sauce or with lime, plus the salads. The drink assortment is kinda limited and consist of the usual suspect, such as Coke, Fanta, Beer and water.




Somehow it feels that the idea of the place wasn’t really finished or thought through, maybe that is by design or on purpose but we don’t connect 100% with that. However, for a lunch it’s works perfect and it’s not a place one would consider for a fancy dinner. And if you’d prefer the Per te food in another setting, then know that they also deliver. Make sure to grab that menu, to order from home as well.


The staff speaks very good English and are friendly. In general you will also be served fast and fairly efficient, depending on when you show up. At lunch rush it might be a bit chaotic from time to time. However late lunches here are quiet and relaxing.


Located at Dame Gruev 28, which is a side street just of the very central Street Macedonia. Per te is a place that has a great location, but unfortunately a bit invisible, so it’s not hard to miss it. We however recommend to find it and to have a nice lunch!