Porta Tivoli – Skopje

Restaurant ratings

Food & Drinks 90%
Atmosphere 90%
Staff 65%
Location 95%
Value For Money 80%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 84%
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Porta Tivoli

This restaurants opened its ports in end of November 2013 and like Veneto it is aspiring to be the best restaurant in Skopje. On their website they boost “welcome to the best place in the town” and in some areas that is correct, but not all. Porta Tivoli does hold a very high class and our team of reviewers agree that we will absolutely return to this new very promising restaurant.

Food & Drinks

The menu consist of a wide variety and the prices range from affordable to expensive. We would say anyone could find something to eat here and it would be able to fit most budgets.  The food we’ve tried so far has been really high quality is really excellent. We’re looking forward to try the beefsteak tartar, something that we so far never seen on a restaurant menu in Skopje.


With more then 200 seats inside, this place fits a lot of people. The “cosy” meter is high and it has a well relaxed atmosphere. There is also a outside terrace that we think will be completely packed during the summers. The view  onto the main square from the outside terrace is great. We think a lot of people will enjoy having coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner here and at the same time watch how life on the main square unfolds.


Although the staff is very polite and friendly, they simply do not come across as confident enough in their role and compared to Veneto they simply fall short. The service is absolutely not bad. But Porta Tivoli aims to be a high end fine dining experience. But the service ends up being more family restaurant style rather then fine dining.


Porta Tivoli is situated on the side of the main square between The monument of “Warrior on a horse” and the Arc of Triumph. This is of course an excellent location since this place floods through with most amounts of tourists.