Pub Porta – Skopje

Restaurant ratings

Food & Drinks 75%
Atmosphere 75%
Staff 80%
Location 75%
Value for money 80%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 77%
Readers Rating
9 votes

Pub Porta

is a hidden gem located in central Skopje. It is 10 minutes walking distance from the central square in Macedonia. This is a really nice place for hanging out, having some beers and just discussing among friends. One of the few thing we miss with this place is that it is closed sundays.

Food & Drinks

The menu contains a wide variety of food and then of course pub oriented. You have pizza, Macedonian dishes and of course the main thing… The Buffalo wings. These hot wings are preferably eaten with a cold beer. Most of the things on the menu holds a good quality for pub food and to go here to have a breakfast/lunch or non fancy dinner is completely alright. Also the melted cheese (topeno sirenje) is something we also would recommend.


This is a place that should be visited in the summer to enjoy sitting outside. Pub porta is however as good on the inside as on the outside.


The staff is always friendly and are quick to accommodate your needs. They are also flexible so you can generally get the mix as you want it. For example even hotter buffalo wings.


Pub porta is located 700 meters from the main square in Skopje which translated roughly to 10 minutes walking.