Shanghai – Skopje

Restaurant ratings

Food & Drinks 80%
Atmosphere 70%
Staff 95%
Location 70%
Value for money 50%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 73%
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This is the only Chinese restaurant in Skopje. With only we don’t mean there there are no other Chinese restaurants. Only that Shanghai is the only Chinese restaurant worth knowing. We’ve been visting a lot of asian restaurants in many parts of the world and the quality varies a lot. Shanghai in Skopje manage to serve very high quality food, even though the dishes are Macedonified. They also “kinda” deliver from door to door. You can order and they will send it by taxi. Normally taxi is cheap in Skopje, so it almost equivalent to a delivery service.

Food & Drinks

The menu is extensive and contains the usual suspects of a Chinese restaurant menu. Pork, beef, shrimp, chicken and all in various Chinese variations. We’ve been trying several variations of the menu and we’ve have not so far been disappointed. The wine and drink list is pretty standard, but you can quench your thirst with beer, wine, water and sodas, so you won’t leave thirsty. Also as we mentioned the food has been Macedonified, which means that the really spicy dishes aren’t THAT spicy. Nonetheless we do recommend the food.


Shangai being a Chinese restaurant is also decorated as such. Meaning, Chinese lanterns in the ceiling, asian art on the walls, having sambal oelek on the table. The interior is a bit old and it could use some renewal, but it’s still good for a couple of more years.


This is where Shanghai shines. The personal is quick on their feet and also very good in what they do. Normally we let the waiter choose the food for us, something we very seldom do i Macedonia. However, they really know what is fresh and are very good to pickup things that you might like and also recommend things that you normally maybe won’t try. The bill can be kinda pricey, so make sure to let them know your budget. This way they will fit the bill to what you want.


Shanghai is located on street leninova which is located in one of the more central parts of Skopje. It’s just of the big street partizanska, so it’s easy to find. The restaurant is walking distance from hotel duvet, so for tourists it’s probably going to be easy to find.