Sushi Co – Skopje

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Food & Drinks 80%
Atmosphere 95%
Staff 20%
Location 75%
Value for money 40%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 62%
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Sushi Co

is a chain of asian food restaurants with restaurants in Istanbul, Ankara, Cyprus, Antalia and since a year or so also in Skopje. If you’re in to sushi, then this is your only alternative in Macedonia. Simply because this is the only sushi restaurant in the whole country. There used to be a sushi place in ramstore, but they closed as quick as they opened. Before Sushi Co there was a other Sushi place on the same location called Noobi. Recently we’ve seen the positive trend of more Macedonians visiting SushiCo.

Food & Drinks
The menu at Sushi CO is extensive and contains all kinds of asian food from Thailand, China and Japan. Doesn’t matter what your likings are, they have salad, beef, pork, sushi, sashimi, chicken, sweet & sour, vegetables, noodles and of course rice. The drink menu isn’t as extensive as the food menu, but Sushi Co got it all covered with sodas, different kind of beers, wines and of course tea.

SushiCo Sushi

On Sunday’s they also offer a buffé, were it’s all you can eat and drink. The buffé has a wide variety of asian food such as Thai, Chinese and Japanese. The sushi quickly runs out, so be prepared when you see them come out with the sushi or you will have to wait a long time before it gets refilled. We recommend to go the buffé during autumn, winter and spring, because the sushi doesn’t look very happy when it is summer and almost 40 degrees outside. The prices on the menu is equivalent to the prices you would find in other west european cities. However, this restaurant is not location in Paris, London, Berlin or Barcelona and therefore have a pricing that very expensive by local standards. This is also the reason why you most of the times will hear foreign languages rather then Macedonian.


Sushi Co is along with Azafran and Veneto a place where you don’t feel like you’re in Skopje. It has this big city feel, with a modern interior and lounge music to match. They have the music at a very reasonable volume, so you can sit a talk with the company that you bring without having to scream to each other. During the summer it’s really nice to sit outside. 



The staff at Sushi Co is fairly inattentive, and speaks ok English. There is normally several waiters working, but it seems that they view customers as a choir. When asking for something it many times feels like your disturbing them. Service is generally slow and you will have to work to get their attention. Sometimes it feels like they try to ignore you until you give up. By all means, the staff at sushi & co provides a really poor and bad experience.


Sushi Co is located on street leninova which is located in one of the more central parts of Skopje. It’s just of the big street partizanska, so it’s easy to find. It’s on the same street as restaurant Shanghai. The restaurant is walking distance from hotel duvet, so for tourists it’s probably going to be easy to find.