Veneto – Skopje

Restaurant ratings

Food & Drinks 90%
Atmosphere 95%
Staff 85%
Location 90%
Value for money 90%
Final Thoughts

Overall Score 90%
Readers Rating
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Veneto aspires to be the best restaurant in Skopje and it probable safe to say that it is. Since the opening in 2013 this restaurant has been gaining it’s reputation as a top notch restaurant. The restaurant recently received a 3 star master chef award and have hosted several events where the elite society of Skopje have plundered the plates.

Food & Drinks

The menu has a very wide range and includes among other things, pizza, pasta, meat, fish and a wide variety of deserts. The food that is being served is meticulously made and you can tell that the serbian masterchef that is part owner of this restaurant really cares about what is going on in the kitchen. The drink menu has the normal assortment, but you can always ask and it’s easy to get something off menu.


Nice, open and relaxing atmosphere with a great terrace were sunset over Vodno and Skopje can be enjoyed. The interior is very modern, classy and upscale. It’s a place as good to have a dinner as well as grabbing a cup of coffee.


The staff is very polite, friendly and are willing to make sure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible. There has been some inconsistencies in the service though where sometimes the waiter have been reluctant to ask the kitchen wether they would substitute the the potato for salad. While in some other cases it hasn’t been any problem at all. However, in all the cases they have in the end accommodated us.


The odd location of having such a restaurant in a mall makes sense considering that the many high end brands attracts a wealthy people. The prices however are very modest, which is also the goal for Veneto (Great food for a great price!) And in that they are very successful.


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